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Dell PowerProtect DD3300


Dell PowerProtect DD3300

Get cloud-enabled modern data protection with the PowerProtect DD3300,  designed for the current and future needs of IT environments.

The easiest way to modernize your data protection

Today, data is more important than ever for your organization on its path to success. However, at the same time, data is subject to more and more cyber threats. It all comes down to this; modernizing your data protection is essential for business now. That's why it makes sense to trust Dell Technologies, the #1 in Data Protection Appliance & Software.1 With its trusted and innovative portfolio, it’s your one-stop shop for modern cloud data protection.

Dell, in collaboration with Intel®, offers the easiest, simplest way to modernize your data protection environment with multicloud protection, cyber resiliency and VMware integration that’s equally at home with Google Cloud, Azure or AWS. Enhance your modernization with the full value of as-a-Service technology inside our world-class portfolio of infrastructure, platforms, and solutions ― Dell APEX.

Dell APEX Backup Services delivers simple, secure protection with backup, disaster recovery and long-term retention, deployed in an intuitive console for centralized visibility and management to ensure growing data volumes are always protected. Grow the Backup opportunity. Dell APEX Data Storage Service ― Backup Target is a new feature that builds on Block and File to strengthen your ability to pay for what you use. Enjoy an as-a-Service experience with the flexibility and control to manage costs and avoid overage fees.

What's more, you'll find business outcomes happen more efficiently, with up to 80% more cost-effective cloud data protection.

How Dell Data Protection keeps you ready for the latest challenges

The Dell Data Protection portfolio offers innovative multicloud data protection solutions with the widest protected workload ecosystem,from legacy data to cloud native. No complexity, no confusion.

Dell APEX Backup & Recovery Solution
SaaS-based protection without increasing IT complexity while ensuring predictable, controllable costs.
Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

Protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats, using the power of machine learning (ML) to identify suspicious activity.
Dell Data Protection Appliances

Protect your data across edge, core and cloud with industry leading data protection appliances and software defined solutions.
Dell PowerProtect Data Manager

A next-generation software platform that enables data protection and governance control for modern cloud workloads across multiple environments.
Dell PowerProtect Data Protection Suite

Backup, restore and protection compliance across a wide range of applications, databases and modern cloud platforms.
Dell EMC PowerProtect DD3300
Simply Powerful Data Protection

Get cloud-enabled modern data protection with the PowerProtect DD3300,  designed for the current and future needs of IT environments.

Delivering enterprise protection for small and mid-sized environments

Σε έναν κόσμο ολοένα πιο περίπλοκων δεδομένων, εφαρμογών και αναγκών των χρηστών, το PowerProtect DD3300 κάνει την προστασία δεδομένων γρήγορη, εύκολη και οικονομικά αποδοτική.

Το DD3300 είναι ενεργοποιημένο στο cloud για σύγχρονη προστασία δεδομένων με υποστήριξη για Cloud Tier και Cloud Disaster Recovery. Η συσκευή PowerProtect DD έχει σχεδιαστεί ειδικά για τις ανάγκες μικρών, μεσαίου μεγέθους περιβαλλόντων πληροφορικής καθώς και περιβαλλόντων πληροφορικής απομακρυσμένων/υποκαταστημάτων.

Με το DD3300, η ​​Dell EMC παρέχει χώρο αποθήκευσης προστασίας εταιρικής κλάσης που εμπιστεύονται οι πελάτες σε μια συμπαγή συσκευή αποθήκευσης προστασίας 2U – ειδικά κατασκευασμένη και έτοιμη να παρέχει κορυφαία στον κλάδο δημιουργία αντιγράφων ασφαλείας, αρχειοθέτηση, ανάκτηση καταστροφών και μακροπρόθεσμη διατήρηση cloud.

      • Απλή συσκευή 2U με μοντέρνο, διαισθητικό  UI
      • Ολοκληρωμένη προστασία δεδομένων με κορυφαία αντιγραφή και αξιοπιστία
      • Άδειες για DD Boost, DD Encryption και DD Replicator συμπεριλαμβάνονται
      • Ευρεία κάλυψη τόσο των enterprise όσο και των homegrown applications
      • ΠεριλαμβάνειCloud Tier και Cloud Disaster Recovery
      • Επεκτασιμότητα πολλαπλών τοποθεσιών με αποτελεσματική αναπαραγωγή δικτύου για περιπτώσεις χρήσης ROBO
      • Προστατεύει τις επενδύσεις με το πρόγραμμα Future-Proof (απαιτείται συμφωνία υποστήριξης)

Three Ways Dell Storage Advances Your Sustainability Ambitions
To further your sustainability goals, you need a partner that approaches ESG holistically – across industry, company, portfolio and products.
Enterprise Strategy Group research confirms that IT departments are very  active in driving environmental, social and governance (ESG)  initiatives. According to the leading research firm, 93 percent of those  surveyed said the IT supplier’s ESG program will have a significant or  modest impact on their IT purchase decisions.*
At the heart of data center efficiency and sustainability is data. Businesses are bracing themselves for zettabytes of data to manage. Findings from Dell’s Data Paradox Study reveal that for many organizations, data will become a burden rather than an opportunity.
That’s where modern storage comes in. And there are three ways Dell’s modern storage portfolio advances sustainability: Energy efficiency, Thermals and cooling and Infrastructure consolidation.

Energy Efficiency
Thermals and Cooling
Infrastructure Consolidation
First, we’re reducing the energy intensity  of our technology and making it more efficient with each new  generation. That means delivering more power efficiency while certifying  that our systems use industry standard benchmarks including ENERGY STAR  and EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool).
Our latest Dell storage innovations exemplify this.
Next, we’re revolutionizing thermals and  cooling to improve efficiency and reduce heat as we increase system  processing – all while enhancing performance.
Dell storage is architected for adaptive cooling to reduce energy consumption. Our  fans speed up as environmental temperatures rise, or CPU usage  increases, to maintain optimal temperatures without using any more  energy than needed.
Most Dell storage and server products will  have at least one Titanium PSU offering by 2023. Titanium power supply  units (PSUs), ranked by the 80 PLUS program, use less electricity to  power the server and emit less heat, which results in significant energy  savings on cooling.
Finally, our storage helps you consolidate  your infrastructure so you can reduce the physical and carbon footprint  in your data center.
According to a recent Forrester study,  customers overprovision their storage environment by an average of 37%.  With Dell innovations like data reduction and high-density flash drives  – you can avoid overprovisioning by doing more with less – less raw  storage capacity required, less energy and cooling and less hardware.
To increase data density, Dell guarantees  data reduction across our broad storage portfolio, while helping you get  the most value from flash media.
Advancing Sustainability, Together

At Dell Technologies, our vision is to  become the most essential technology company for the data era.  We’re  doing this by redefining IT with an open and modern software-defined  architecture designed for the digital future, providing our customers with the simplicity, agility, and control of their technology, which  leads to improved business outcomes in the aaS, distributed and multicloud world. We also believe strongly that it’s every technology provider’s responsibility to prioritize environmental sustainability and to deliver technology that will drive human progress.  And it’s important for you to understand how our ESG efforts – at the  industry, company, portfolio and product level – support your own  sustainability ambitions. Beyond our storage sustainability features, the Dell Future Proof program (including Tech Refresh and Recycle) and Dell APEX aaS offerings give you even more innovative ways for sustainably managing your IT infrastructure.
Together, we can advance sustainability. For more information on Dell’s commitment to advancing sustainability please visit us online.

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