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Dell XPS 13+ 9320

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XPS 13+ 9320 Laptop

The speed of creativity
Power your passions

XPS products are  designed to be the best, with cutting-edge technologies, exceptional build quality, unique materials and powerful features. XPS brings together the most  elegant designs and premium experiences to enhance your work and personal success. This combination ultimately results in beautifully crafted products with no compromises.
Experience first

XPS product decisions are rooted in the end user.
We strive to deliver the best possible experience for each product we create for each specific user.
Premium design

XPS laptops are expertly crafted of premium materials like machined aluminum and glass for simplicity, beauty and durability.

Innovation starts with XPS, where we strive to deliver cutting-edge technologies like InfinityEdge displays and leading thermal designs to provide the most aggressive form factors and best customer experiences.
Dell Performance application
Customize laptop performance to suit your needs with the built-in Dell Performance application. Select from four modes - quiet, ultra-performance, cool or optimized. Default optimized mode enables the best balance of performance and  thermals. When in ultra-performance mode, your system may run warmer, and fans may be louder. Choosing cool mode will limit temperature or decrease fan noise, which may impact system performance. Open the “My Dell” app, click on the “Power Manager,” look under “Settings,” and go to the “Thermal” tab to see the 4 different performance modes.
The speed of creativity
Dell's  most  powerful  13-inch  XPS  yet.  Designed  from the  ground  up  to  be  our  highest  performing flagship 13 ever so you can do everything you love to do faster. The simplified interiors wow and the best-in- class panels bring your content to life.

More power than before – up to 2x the performance
It is the first time we’ve designed a 13-inch XPS to a 28W spec, so it’s more powerful than before so you can do everything faster. And it’s all in about  the  same size. Up to 55% more airflow. Larger fans provide up to 55% more airflow, enabling more performance in the about the same size as before without increasing noise or temperature.

Thin & light.
At only 15.28mm thin and starting at only 1.23kg, the new XPS is still small, thin and light so you can take it everywhere with you.

Long lasting
The latest battery technology enables long  battery  life without the extra weight and Express Charge allows you to quickly charge your laptop when you need it (up to 80% in less than an hour).
Modern, edge-to-edge interfaces
From the outside, this new 13 looks very similar in size, weight and footprint to our previous XPS 13, but the wow moment is when you open the laptop and see the beautiful, simplified, modern interiors. The touch-friendly interfaces create a seamless experience for the customer.
Capacitive touch function row
This innovative design allows the user to switch between function or media keys by hitting the Function + escape buttons, so a customer can see only the keys they choose. A mic mute button is included as well.
Seamless glass touchpad
The entire palm rest is one piece of glass with no parting lines. The seamless glass touchpad uses force pad haptics to provide targeted, reactive sensation. Piezo technology utilizes a series of small, actuated motors for precise, responsive feedback.
Zero-lattice keyboard
The new keyboard design is edge-to-edge, with no spacing between the keys and it is fast, efficient and comfortable with every keystroke. Designed with larger keycaps and a deeper 0.3mm dish, it is ideal for a touch typist.
Products and packaging are designed to be kinder to the environment.
The XPS 13 Plus is now  more sustainable  than ever. For the first time,  we’re using  low-carbon  aluminum in the chassis, which greatly reduces the carbon footprint. Plus, the XPS 13 Plus will also ship  in  all- new packaging made from 100%  recycled  or renewable content.
All new packaging
Hydro-powered aluminum
Waterborne paint
The XPS 13 Plus is the first product to ship in all-new packaging made from 100% recycled or renewable content. It’s also 100% recyclable.
Crafted from low-carbon aluminum, made using hydropower renewable energy sources, significantly reduces Dell’s carbon footprint. Low carbon aluminum is using Hydropower to produce the primary aluminum material instead of using coal-powered plants.
XPS 13 Plus also uses low-VOC waterborne paint on 100% painted parts like the keyboard to reduce fumes during  the manufacturing process.
Dell UltraSharp 27 USB-C Hub Monitor - U2722DE

Elevate your productivity on this innovative 27-inch QHD monitor that delivers true-to-life color and seamless connectivity.

Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – KM7321W

Experience superior multitasking features with a stylish and comfortable premium keyboard and mouse combo. Complete your tasks powered by one of the industry’s leading battery lives at up to 36 months.
Dell Thunderbolt™ Dock – WD22TB4

Modular thunderbolt dock with swappable modules for easy upgrades and SuperBoost technologies for fast charging.


Advancing sustainability in our products, packaging and supply chain.
Select XPS notebooks ship in
packaging that is made from 100%
recycled or renewable content and
is 100% recyclable
For the first time, select XPS
systems have a chassis made
from 100% hydropower-produced
aluminum, which has a 70% lower
carbon footprint than a coal
produced aluminum chassis.
Up to 5.1% post consumer recycled
materials in select XPS laptops
EPEAT Gold registered products


ENERGY STAR 8.0 throughout the commercial
monitor portfolio

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